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We promise a quick, convenient, and robust Electric Vehicle Charger Installation to our customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the USA. We make sure you have all the facilities required to manage your electric vehicles as they grow more common in the future.

It’s Not Just About Charging Your Car, It’s About Convenience

If you are a business owner who has to manage dozens of employees with electric vehicles, not having a go-to electric car charging station can make things inconvenient for both you and your staff. The case for homeowners is not different. If you lack a robust EV Charging outlet, you are falling behind.


Establish Your Go-to Place to Charge Your EV with Our Installation Services

With Electric Vehicles becoming more common every day in the world, the need for a quick, robust, and secure EV charging outlet has become obvious. Whether you are a homeowner who has recently bought a 2024 Kia EV6 or a business owner who must find a place to charge his employees’ electric vehicles, not having a charging outlet for your vehicle will only make things difficult.

We, at Stag Electric, step up and come out as your go-to solution for this problem by offering our professional EV charger installation services in MA and NH, USA. From a thorough assessment of your requirements to completing the setup of a powerful and secure EV charging outlet, our professionals make sure that everything happens smoothly. Our expert electricians value the smallest of details and leave no space for error, just the way you want.

Stag Electric backs its 10+ years of experience in the electric field and 100+ positive feedback and testimonials from our clients to come out as one of the top electric car charger installers in MA and NH, USA. Our vision is to empower you with high-power EV charging outlets so that you don’t have to roam the whole city just to fuel up your car.


Working with over 100 clients from different niches has given us the confidence to proudly showcase our work and share our goals with you non-hesitatingly. Take a look at some of our past EV charger installation projects and see how we work.

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Our top-of-the-line EV Charger Installation Services

Stag Electric is a well-reputed EV charger installation company that understands the minute requirements of its customers. We offer multiple electric car charger installation services to fulfill your unique needs.

Residential EV Charger Installation

To make sure you don’t have to drive your vehicle miles away just to charge your electric vehicle, we provide top-notch EV charger installation services at your doorstep. Our experienced electricians inspect your house space to assess the perfect charging spot and then set up a powerful, efficient, and secure electric car charging outlet for you.

Next time, just plug in the charger to your vehicle and relax in your home. Simple as ever!

EV Charger Installation at Office

The need for a robust EV charging outlet grows quite rapidly as soon as you step into the business industry. With dozens of employees in your office having electric vehicles, it becomes your responsibility to provide them with a quick charging space so that they don’t have to go somewhere else, minimizing your work productivity.

Stag Electric understands this fact and offers seamless and hassle-free installation of electric car charging outlets in your office premises on a cost-efficient budget.

Unique Outlet Designs

Stag Electric provides its customers with a wide range of EV charging outlet designs to make sure they get what’s best for them. Our expert staff installs creatively designed charging outlets throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the USA.

Get a Transparent EV Charger Installation Process

Stag Electric is a well-reputed electric car charger installation company in MA & NH and understands the importance of providing transparent services. For us, client satisfaction is our biggest win and that’s why we follow a step-by-step approach to ensure the perfect installation for you.

Step 1. Client Need Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements by evaluating your premises space, energy needs, and budget.

Step 2. Solution Design

Based on our assessment, our team comes up with a customized EV charger installation solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements and budget. Our priority is to offer the best services at the fairest rates available.

Step 3. Permission and Approval

In order to ensure a legal and industry-complied installation of your EV charging outlet, we contact the city outlet companies to get our plans approved.

Step 4. Professional Installation

Once we are permitted to start the installation process, our expert electricians get busy installing a robust, quick, and environment-friendly EV charging outlet for you, focusing on the minute details and utmost attention to ensure no error is made.

Step 5. Manage & Operate

Once the charging outlet is installed, drivers can charge their vehicles in no time. Our team manages the proper functioning and operation of the charging outlets, ensuring high availability.

Step 6. Monitor & Support

We don’t leave our customers by just completing the installation. Stag Electric is here to make a strong bond with its customers and offers quick and expert support every day throughout the year.

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Why Stag Electric?

At Stag Electric, our goal is to create trustworthy bonds with our clients by offering them top-notch services at the fairest prices available. We are 10+ years old, experienced, and responsible EV charger installers providing top-notch EV charger installation services to our customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, USA.

Backed with 100+ positive client feedback and testimonials, we are confident of completing a seamless and hassle-free installation of electric car charging outlets in your house, office, or industrial premises. By offering you customized installation plans that align perfectly with your needs, our priority is to make sure you are satisfied with the services.

We also do not forget your budget limitation at all. Our target is always to provide you with top-quality services at the cheapest rates available. Our solutions are cost-effective and would easily fit into your budget, that too without compromising on the quality of products and services offered.

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