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Change the appearance of your rooms and offices with the latest and updated LED lighting system and save energy, and cost, as well as your future. Stag Electric proudly offers top-notch LED lighting retrofit services in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the USA. By leveraging our expert retrofitting services, you are not just ensuring better visibility in your area but are putting your contribution towards an energy-efficient environment.

The Old Lighting System Brings Its Old Problems

Not having a smart LED lighting system can be a big setback for you as a homeowner or a business owner. If you are still stuck with those outdated regular lights, you are just wasting your energy, money, and visibility.


Say goodbye to darkness and excessive costs with our LED Lighting Retrofit Services

Incandescent lighting systems, aka outdated lighting systems, have become a thing of the past since the introduction of smart LED lighting systems. These outdated lighting systems consume 75% more energy than LED lights and emit only 1/10th of light as compared to them, leading to dark spaces, high electricity bills, and additional maintenance costs. You can say goodbye to all these problems by getting an expert LED lighting retrofit service.

By switching to the latest and smart LED lighting systems, you will get higher brightness, better visibility, and significantly lower electricity bills. Be it your home, backyard, office, or industrial showroom, installing LED lights can transform the spaces magnificently.

We, at Stag Electric, step ahead and feel glad to offer you our top-notch LED lighting retrofit services in MA & NH, USA. Having more than 10 years of experience in the electrical industry, we can provide expert consultation and installation services to ensure you get a robust and cost-efficient solution with no areas left for darkness.

Our team includes licensed electricians who understand your unique requirements and complete a seamless and hassle-free installation, transforming your lighting future completely. We prioritize precision and attention to detail and make sure there’s nothing left to complain about. By offering 24/7 expert support throughout the year, we make sure our clients get no issues with their lighting system.


Have a look at our best LED lighting retrofit projects that helped us get 100+ positive reviews and testimonials from our clients.

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Our High-Class LED Lighting Retrofit Services

Stag Electric is a well-reputed and credible Electrical company providing top-class LED lighting retrofit services across MA & NH in the USA. We understand the wide range of needs and requirements of our customers and try to fulfill them by offering specifically tailored services for separate needs.

Home interior LED lighting retrofit

Make sure all the birthday parties and celebrations happen in your house by getting state-of-the-art LED lighting retrofit services in your home interiors. We offer thorough assessments of your house interiors and offer a customized LED lighting retrofit solution that aligns perfectly with its requirements. From changing outdated incandescent light bulbs with new LED bulbs in your bedroom and bathroom to installing a completely new LED lighting setup for your whole house, we do it all.

House outdoor LED lighting retrofit

Want to transform the appearance of your lawn or make your backyard a cozy place with a cool lighting setup? You are at the right place.

Stag Electric offers a complete transformation of your lawn and backyard lighting setup with our LED lighting retrofit services. The whole lighting retrofit process is completely customizable as per your preferences and requirements.

Commercial LED lighting retrofit

Switch to a smart LED lighting system and give your employees a brighter, safer, and happier work environment while saving energy as well as a significant amount of expense. Our commercial LED lighting retrofit services include a thorough assessment of your business premises, designing a customized lighting retrofit plan to fit necessary gaps, and a professional installation of the LED units – all without disturbing your productivity and convenience.

LED Lighting Retrofit Process We Follow

Stag Electric is a well-reputed LED lighting retrofit service provider in MA & NH and understands the importance of providing transparent services. For us, client satisfaction is our biggest win and that’s why we follow a step-by-step approach to ensure the perfect installation for you.

Step 1. Client Need Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements by evaluating your location’s space, lighting needs, upgrade requirements, and estimated budget.

Step 2. Solution Design

Based on our assessment, our team comes up with a customized LED lighting retrofit solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements and budget. The solution plan includes the required hardware and upgrades, focusing on giving you maximum efficiency and performance while cutting on the extra expenses.

Step 3. Professional Installation

Once our solution plan gets approved by the client, we start the installation process by installing the latest and updated LED lighting units on your premises while ensuring complete safety and minimum disturbance. Our expert electricians perform both new LED installation and existing fixtures upgrade with precision and attention to detail. Our goal is to complete the retrofit without leaving any gaps for complaints.

Step 5. Manage & Operate

Once the LED lighting retrofit is completed, our team tests all the installed units one by one to ensure proper efficiency and performance. We test for brightness, color, coverage, as well as energy efficiency.

Step 6. Monitor & Support

We don’t leave our customers by just completing the installation. Stag Electric is here to make a strong bond with its customers and offers quick and expert support every day throughout the year.

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Why Stag Electric?

At Stag Electric, our goal is to create trustworthy bonds with our clients by offering them top-notch services at the fairest prices available. We are a 10+ years old, experienced, and responsible Electrical company providing top-notch LED lighting retrofit services to our customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, USA.

Backed with 100+ positive client feedback and testimonials, we are confident of completing a seamless and hassle-free retrofit of LED lighting in your house, office, or any place you want. By offering you customized installation plans that align perfectly with your needs, our priority is to make sure you are satisfied with the services.

We also do not forget your budget limitation at all. Our target is always to provide you with top-quality services at the cheapest rates available. Our solutions are cost-effective and would easily fit into your budget, that too without compromising on the quality of products and services offered.

By offering 24×7 expert customer support throughout the year, we make ourselves one of the best LED lighting retrofit companies in Massachusetts & New Hampshire, USA. By choosing us, you choose professional work, expert support, and our loyalty.

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Cut your electricity costs by 27% by getting an LED lighting retrofit in your house. Get a Free Quote today by calling at (978) 780-3040!