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At Stag Electric, we offer top-notch services to solve all your residential, commercial, and industrial electric issues. Whatever the problem is, if it is about electricity, we are here to help.

About Us

We, at Stag Electric, are a professional electrical contractor in the MA and NH ready to solve all your electrical issues with utmost focus and loyalty. From fixing a wiring issue in your bathroom to deploying a commercial backup generator on your business premises, Stag Electric promises to serve you the best electrical services at fair rates.

Stag Electric boasts its 4 years of experience in providing excellent electrical services to our customers in MA and NH. Our dedicated team includes some of the most skilled electricians who understand the importance of those small details and ensure you get your work done quite perfectly.

By focusing on step-by-step processes and our customers’ unique requirements, Stag Electric is dedicated to fulfilling all your electrical needs and ensuring you get fantastic electrical work for your residential, commercial, as well as industrial purposes.

We offer a wide range of electrical services to our customers that involve small wiring fixes, installing retrofit LED lights, and installing an RV outlet at home as well as deploying heavy car charging outlets, mini-split HVAC units, and powerful backup generators.

Explore our services to understand what we have to offer and how we can be the best fit for the job.

What do our clients say about us? (reviews)

We take pride in saying that we have served more than 100 customers in MA and NH and have been able to get amazing feedback for our professional services.

Here’s what our dedicated efforts and loyalty towards our work have got us from our clients.

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Our Top Services

At Stag Electric, our goal is to fulfill all your electrical needs and requirements and ensure an excellent completion of the project. We understand that our clients require a wide range of electrical services from us and we try to fulfill them by offering our multiple services – ranging from small home fixes to commercial electrician services.

Electric Car Charging

The rise of electric vehicles has been driving the whole world towards environmental safety. It’s safe, easy, and convenient. However, finding a charging outlet for your electric vehicle can be tough.

Stag takes up the task and installs a variety of robust electric car charging outlets to save you time, money, and the environment.

Service Upgrades

Getting a home or office renovation done or building an additional room that requires heavy electrical capacity? Stag is here to help!

We perform top-notch electrical service upgrades by using the latest industry standards to make sure you get up to date electric supply of up to 200 amp.

RV Outlet Installation

We all love to enjoy that “camping feel” without going to the jungles, right? Or maybe your cousins are coming over and you want to spend the night together in your favorite RV.

We’d love to make that happen.

At Stag Electric, our expert electricians will deploy efficient RV outlets for your recreational vehicle to help you enjoy your party without worrying about the power supply.

Backup Generators Deployment

Never go out of electricity with our backup generator deployment services. Stag installs high-power backup generators in your house or commercial premises to ensure your lights, fridge, and wifi always stay on.

We deploy different types of backup generators according to your specific requirements so that you only get what you need, no extra tension.

Mini-Split HVAC Installation

Bored of those outdated heating and cooling systems that use too much electricity? You are on the right path. Duct losses can account for around 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning.

Say goodbye to all this by getting the latest mini-split HVAC installed in your house and office. Stag Electric’s expert electricians will analyze your premise’s spacing and install the HVAC systems in the best way possible – saving you both space and energy.

Win Win, right?

LED Lighting Retrofits

At Stag Electric, we offer the installation of retrofit LED lighting in your home and office to help you give a modern look to your location without harming the environment.

Our highly skilled electricians will measure little details and fit smart retrofit LED lights that will change the whole appearance of your room.

Looking for more? We’ve got you

Here are more electrical services we offer;

Stag Electric is a fully licensed electrical company and is ready to provide what’s best for you. Our goal is to choose the best solution for our customers and provide it in a friendly and professional way.

Why Stag Electric? (USPs)

At Stag Electric, our goal is quite straightforward. Provide what is best for our customers in the best way possible. We back ourselves with our 4+ years of experience in the field and the positive feedback we’ve got so far. Our team involves highly skilled electricians who specialize in different fields, promising to solve all your electric issues.

Our priority is to provide you with the highest quality of service possible in the most convenient way.

We value punctuality and dedication to our work more than anything else. For us, a happy and satisfied customer is our best reward. That’s the reason why we have more than 100 satisfied customers with us so far.

By choosing to let us help you fulfill your electrical requirements, you can be sure of getting the best quality service available without worrying about anything at all.

Looking to solve an electrical problem? That’s our expertise. Contact Us Now at (978) 780-3040!